Helping Malaysians Self-manage Unit Trust Investment

At Investley you can...


Compare and analyze unit trust funds to get an idea which funds to invest to meet your goal.


Invest has never been easier. Filling up a form, a click of button, a phone call and start your investmnet.


Keep up-to-date with your investment, monitor investment against your goals and rebalance and adjust your portfolio with monitoring tools.


Get smart with your investment. Learn everything you need to know about unit trust investment with our guides and articles.

for free. Yeah! free of charge.

What We Do

We are here for only one reason, which is to help you self-manage your unit trust investment to achieve your investment goals.

We provides unit trust funds comparison and analysis tools to help you decide on funds which can meet your goals; couple with monitoring tools provided, you can be sure that your investment stays healthy and is on the right path to achieve your goals.